Ealasaid Witt Illustration | Tarot Deck Card – Strength
Enchanted illustrations in pastel and mixed media by artist Ealasaid Witt.
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Tarot Deck Card – Strength

Studies & Concepting - Mixed media
Scottish Folklore Tarot Deck

Major Arcana - Strength; the parable of St. Fillan of Pittenweem


20 November

Folklore, Book Illustration
About This Project

Concepting and card in progress – this card is based on the parable surrounding St. Fillan, an early Christian hermit and healer associated with the cave in Pittenweem, Fife, in the 8th century. Strength has to do with taming the beast within and working with, instead of against, our animal nature. I chose St. Fillan to represent this concept. The story is, whilst plowing a field one day in Killin, a wolf attacked and killed his plow-ox. Unable to continue, St. Fillan put a geas ( a taboo or vow ) upon the wolf, to take the place of the Ox so that St. Fillan could continue to till the field.