Ealasaid Witt Illustration | Dobermann Pinscher
Enchanted illustrations in pastel and mixed media by artist Ealasaid Witt.
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Dobermann Pinscher

18 x 20 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
Painting Title

Pooh Bear


20 November

Pet Portraits
About This Project

I do a lot of memorial portraits; this one, like so many of the others of this genre,  was a big challenge because of the limited availability of photo references. Most photo references I receive when commissioned for this type of portrait are usually at odd angles, blurry, and oddly lit.  In addition to these challenges, unless I, as the artist, have had the opportunity to meet the animal before he or she was deceased, it becomes more difficult to gain access to the alive expression and personality and those particularly energetic qualities every animal has while alive, happy and healthy.